Interplanetary Orbit Designer
Default units to use on this page are Astronomical Units.
A beta version of a work in progress, hyperbolics need more work.
The Gravitational Constant is preset as 6.674080 X 10-11 Nm2kg-2.
Please choose Planets and input their desired Circular Orbital Altitude, velocities will be calculated.
Planet Choice Orbit Altitude Orbit Velocity Escape Velocity
Start : Km m/s m/s
Destination : Km m/s m/s
Enter start position's 3D or 2D cartesian coordinates:
X: Y: Z: AU's
Enter destination position's 3D or 2D cartesian coordinates :
X: Y: Z: AU's
Please enter required or observed time between chosen points. In Earth days :

Calculated parameters:

Magnitude of start pos' vector : Magnitude of end pos' vector: AU's
Departure phase angle : deg's (the angle between the current departure and future arrival points)
k parm : AU l parm : AU m parm : AU
p1 parm : AU p2 parm : AU start p parm : AU end p parm : AU
the a parm : AU the f parm : the g parm : the dot f parm :
The eccentric anomaly calculation values: ΔE : sin(ΔE) : cosh(ΔF) : rad's
Derived journey time: Iteration count : Diagnostic 1 : Diagnostic 2 :
dotg: v1x: v1y: v1z: v2x: v2y: v2z:
Magnitude of start velocity vector : m/s...... Magnitude of end velocity vector : m/s......
Now the velocity changes are approximated, fuel burn calculations and engineering designs are required.